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The Haliburton Forest Trail Run has grown to become a popular and well-established event on the ultra-scene. Offering a wide variety of race options from 12K to 100 miles (161K) as well as a team relay, the courses cover country road and technical forest trail. The ultra-events cover a 25M loop course that is completed multiple times. Pre- and post-race meals are available and there are camping facilities and accommodations nearby.    

The Lost Soul Ultra Marathon takes place in Lethbridge, Alberta and offers a 100M, 100K, and 50K event options. This trail course runs through the river valley coulees on public and private land. Runners are not only challenged by the elements, but also the unrelenting hills, there are elevation changes of approximately 1,200 meters with 16 significant hills over the 54K lap. Fee(s) $250 (100M); 230 (100K); $200 (50K)

The Foxtail Hundred Rail Trail Race is probably the fastest 100 mile trail race course in Canada.  The course is as close to flat as you will find and the trail is wide, groomed, and accessible.  All distances are run on an out-and-back course with plenty of aid stations along the way.  The scenery is quite nice and runs alongside conservation land, a golf course, farmers’ fields, lush forests, ponds, creeks, and more.  All distances will have a 30hr cut-off.…

The Capes 100 is Atlantic Canada’s first 100 Mile trail race. Running atop of the highest cliffs on mainland Nova Scotia, and alongside the waters of world’s highest tides, this trail race is both inspiring and challenging. Choose between 100M, 100K, or 50K distance options, or sign up for the relay and run as part of a team. The course takes you along, Cape d’Or, Cape Spencer, Cape Chignecto. Fee(s) $235(162K); $160 (88K); $115 (47K)

The Sinister 7, inspired by the treacherous Seven Sisters Mountain which looms over the course, may prove to be the greatest challenge a runner ever faces. The 100 mile or 50 mile course can be covered individually or as part of a team relay with up to seven members. The course takes participants through some of the most rugged, remote but beautiful terrain in Alberta’s majestic Rocky Mountains and is split into seven stages, each featuring a unique geographic and…

Sulphur Springs is memorable running experience. The race starts at the Ancaster Community Centre and weaves its way through  the beautiful trails of the Dundas Valley. The race offers events for everyone from the casual weekend warrior to the hard-core racer to the corporate team looking for a group challenge. Charity Dundas Valley Conservation Area