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**NEW DATE** The Fort Town Night Race is a fun and exciting night of running, or walking, to “unlock historical sites,” with over 40 sites to see. This year’s event will be Steampunk themed. The run begins inside Fort Wellington, and participants will receive an LED headlamp. Fee(s) $10-52 Charity The Youth Movement Project and, SKBP Venturers, Scouts Canada

Marathon by the Sea is the largest running event in the city of Saint John and offers challenging but rewarding races for everyone. There are also the ‘Port City Challenges’ to do multiple races on each day. Participants have the opportunity to run seaside with the ocean breeze upon your face, and experience the full maritime hospitality of the only city on the spectacular Bay of Fundy. Fee(s): $50-70 (Marathon); $40-60 (Half); $35-45 (10K); $30-40 (5K)  

The Band on the Run Half Marathon embraces the Muskoka Hills, and as you challenge yourself climbing the hills, live bands play rockin’ tunes along the course. If you are looking for a challenge this may be one of the hardest Half Marathons around. The event is open to all level of runners, and also offers a 10K and 5K race option. Whichever distance you choose, expect to be cheered on by our incredibly spirited group of volunteers. By The…

The Run 4 Fun offers you the chance to participate in a 5K or 10K run or a half-marathon, all of which will take place in town and on our trails. The course incorporates a combination of paved trails, single track trails and double track trails, and a slightly more technical sections that emulates a trail series. Fee(s) $60-80 (Marathon);$35-55 (10K); $25-45 (5K)